Thursday, February 17, 2011

More comedy options this weekend...and beyond!

Since Giggles Comedy Club morphed into Jiggles Gentleman's Club, the city of Seattle, proper, has been served by only one dedicated comedy club:  Comedy Underground.

The Eastside has two...even Tacoma, suddenly, has two...but the city of Seattle only one (and a bunch of independent shows and open mics).

Until Friday night, that is...that's when Marcus Absher and Tony Daniel of Big City Comedy (both of them comedians themselves, who have, as Big City Comedy, booked shows at various casinos, including the Great American Casinos of Tukwila and Lakewood) are opening up a Friday & Saturday weekly at the theater space of the Amore Infused restaurant in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood (just North of downtown Seattle.)

The first comedian to headline the Big City Comedy Club will be Orny Adams--he of "Jerry Seinfeld Comedian" fame--with shows on Friday and Saturday, February 18th and 19th, at 7pm and 9pm each night.

Granted, a weekend doesn't a dedicated comedy club make...but by booking a recognizable name, offering two shows each night on both weekend nights, they're definitely playing at the same table.

And, certainly, the city of Seattle can support two dedicated comedy clubs...and hopefully, this means more work for Seattle comedians as features...and more stage time for Seattle comedians as hosts and guests.

Big City Comedy Club at Amore Infused is located at 522 Wall Street  Seattle, WA 98121.

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