Monday, February 28, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 28 to March 5)

If you missed Marc Maron at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland this past weekend (which was our "Best Bet" for last week), you really missed something special.  I'm just saying, when we say that something is a "Best Bet" you should consider it to be something not to be missed!

This week, Laughs Comedy Spot is AGAIN the place to be...unless you're dazzled by movie stars (then, Parlor's your choice.)  There's solid choices at ALL of the comedy clubs this weekend, and a midweek option that promises to be quite fun!

And please remember that these are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.

Myq Kaplan (w/Jen Seaman) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
Friday 3/4 & Saturday 3/5  8pm & 10pm shows
Yes, that's how he spells it...and yes, he's very proud of how clever he is...  He's VERY clever.  He's probably one of the most clever comedy writers working today--his material is impeccable and precise.  It is smart and it rewards those who pay attention.  So, perhaps Myq Kaplan is not everyone's cup of tea.  But, if you like terribly clever, short, Jewish, vegans who have made it to the finals of a competitive network tv reality show (as Myq did, making the finals of this past year's "Last Comic Standing" on NBC) won't find better than Myq Kaplan.  (Full disclosure:  When Myq Kaplan was a semi-finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, he took a nap on my couch.  I don't think that should make it a conflict of interest for me to make him our BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on this week.)  Making the evening more adorable is local favorite Jen Seaman as the featured performer.  (

Paul Merrill Goes Back to '88 @ Laff*Hole at Chop Suey in Seattle
Wednesday 3/2 9pm
Paul Merrill has always added a solid level of theatricality to his efforts in the Seattle alt-comedy scene, with the characters he plays, the sketches he works on and the shows he puts together.  This time, he's bringing back a Laff*Hole show idea he first presented while Laff*Hole was at Re-Bar:  a re-imagining of what a "Laff*Hole" might have been like over 20 years ago.  (That show at the Re-Bar was a lot of fun--and I was a performer on that show--but it wasn't terribly well attended.  That makes this second attempt an excellent opportunity, both for Paul to fine tune the show and for more people to get caught up in, and laugh at, the late 80's vibe.)  I'm a sucker for thematic comedy shows like this and I'm definitely looking forward to being an audience member for this show...and I think it's a GREAT OPTION for this week, especially to get you through the mid-week.  (

Brad Upton @ Big City Comedy Club at Amore Infused in Seattle
Friday 3/4 8pm, Saturday 3/5 at 8pm & 10pm
This will be the third weekend that this new club has been open and, for three weeks in a row, they've offered shows I think would be a GREAT OPTION for seeing comedy.  Brad Upton should be much bigger and better known than he is...he's a consummate professional comedian, with great material delivered perfectly.  And, after being seen (unfairly, I think) as too much of a traditional, suit & tie, "corporate" comedian, Brad's loosened up a little bit over the past couple of years which has made his comedy more vibrant and more relevant than ever.  I'm definitely a fan, and he doesn't get the opportunity to headline shows here in Seattle as often as you'd think--so, this is indeed a treat.   Note:  They've changed their show times at Big City Comedy Club--previous shows were 7pm and 9pm and now shows are at 8pm and 10pm.  Also, give yourself time to find the place as the street address has Amore Infused on Wall Street but the actual entrance is on 6th Avenue.  (

Tom Arnold @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
Friday 3/4 & Saturday 3/5  7:30pm & 10pm shows
You know who Tom Arnold is...he's been in a ton of movies (including "True Lies" w/Arnold Schwarzenegger) and he's been on a ton of tv shows (including Fox Sports' "The Best Damn Sports Show Ever") and he was married to Rosanne Barr.  But, before that...Tom was an active working stand-up comic based out of the Twin Cities--this isn't just some celebrity who is trading in on his name recognition to fill a comedy club based merely on curiosity...Tom IS a stand-up comic AND he's famous, which makes him a GREAT OPTION for this week (because, even if you end up not being a fan of his particular brand of stand-up comedy...well, hey, you saw a celebrity...and that's always good for a story!)  (

Tracy Smith (w/Rodney Sherwood) @ Comedy Underground in Seattle
I'm tempted to make this a "great option" merely because of the feature performer.  Tracy Smith is fine, and you may have seen her on Comedy Central before...BUT...when it comes to Seattle comedy, there are a few performers whose talents and abilities are legendary amongst their peers as much as Rodney Sherwood.  Five years ago, he announced his retirement from stand-up comedy to concentrate on his commercial production efforts.  He must have caught the bug again, because he's back...and word is that he's still got an acid tongue, a knowing exaggeration of show-business cliches and road tested material.  If this weekend's Best Bet or other Great Options don't appeal to you, you should definitely consider this a high recommendation for the return of a great Seattle comedian to a Seattle comedy club stage.  (

Ron Osborne @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
Ron is a former Seattle International Comedy Competition champion and a solid pro worth seeing.  The posters for this show are listing him as "The King of Improv Comedy"--which is a coronation that I may have missed...but that doesn't mean that Ron should be...  He's funny.   (   

Tommy Savitt (w/Meghan Flaherty) @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
Tommy is a recent Seattle International Comedy Competition champion with a very funny and distinct perspective...who is always, it seems, performing comedy somewhere nearby...which makes it difficult to recommend that you "GO SEE HIM THIS TIME" when another opportunity is just as likely next week (which, actually, it IS)...but that doesn't suggest that you SHOULDN'T go see him, because he's funny and you'd probably like him.  This show has him joined by Meghan Flaherty, who has competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition recently, herself...and just moved to Seattle from Spokane.   (

Next week, another big week of comedy in the Seattle/Tacoma the string of great shows at Laughs continues with Greg "He's Just Not That Into You" Behrendt while Parlor counters Bill Bellamy (who you either remember from movies, MTV or the years he hosted MTV's Last Comic Standing.)  Meanwhile, the Comedy Underground in Seattle welcomes back one of their most consistently entertaining regular headliners AND one of our good friends gets the chance to headline to Comedy Underground in Tacoma.  All that and more, next week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 21 to February 27)

Last week was one of the strongest weeks of comedy in the Seattle/Tacoma area--with great options in all of the dedicated comedy clubs and notable indy and theater shows.  This week, there's a couple of clearly better options and others that might be worth taking a shot on.

And please remember that these are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.

Marc Maron (w/Nancy Reed) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
Friday 2/25 & Saturday 2/26  8pm & 10pm shows
You should know Marc a comedian, he's been a national headliner for years and had memorable performances at last year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival.  He's been on his share of television.  He was also a radio host for AirAmerica.  Now, he's becoming best known for his insanely good and personal WTF podcast--which made big news recently when Gallagher (yes, he of the produce smashing sledge hammer) bailed as a guest halfway through a show.  He's got a strong point of view and a weary exasperation with this modern world and his uncertain place in it and is definitely an easy choice for the BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on this week.  Adding in a solid professional (and sweetheart) like Nancy Reed as the feature act makes it a must see.  (

Ty Barnett @ Big City Comedy Club at Amore Infused in Seattle
Friday 2/25 7pm, Saturday 2/26 at 7pm & 9pm
It is ALWAYS a great option to see Ty Barnett...anywhere...and, Seattle is blessed by being one of the cities that Ty seems to spend a lot of time in and he's always getting up, trying out new material, turning audiences on with the material that's earned him his own Comedy Central Presents special, being the runner-up in his year of NBC's Last Comic Standing and various other tv appearances.  He's definitely one of my favorite performers to see and without a doubt he's a GREAT OPTION for this week.  This would also be a chance for you to check out the newest dedicated comedy club in Seattle:  Big City Comedy Club at Amore Infused.  If you go, give yourself time to find the place as the street address has it on Wall Street but the actual entrance is on 6th Avenue.  The club has a cozy vibe--only seating 80-90 patrons--which, with a performer like Ty Barnett, could make for an exciting night of comedy for you!  (

Cash Levy @ Comedy Underground in Seattle
Friday 2/25 & Saturday 2/26 8pm & 10:30pm shows
Cash is a solid working pro comedian who you probably haven't heard of before--but he's worked the Comedy Underground for years.  (

Rachel Feinstein @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
Thursday 2/24 7:30pm, Friday 2/25 & Saturday 2/26 7:30pm & 10pm shows
She was on last year's Last Comic Standing show.  (

Jay Montepare @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
Jay was in last year's San Francisco Comedy Competition. (   

John Beuhler (w/Mike Cummings) @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
John's a funny Canadian who once made the finals of the Seattle International Comedy Competition and Mike is both the host of the "Table For One" podcast and a former Giggles Laff Off Champion.   (

Next week, one the sharpest joke writers in the world--Myq Kaplan (finalist in the most recent NBC's Last Comic Standing season) will be coming to Laughs...and unlikely tv/movie star Tom Arnold is coming to the Parlor...and more, I'm sure...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More comedy options this weekend...and beyond!

Since Giggles Comedy Club morphed into Jiggles Gentleman's Club, the city of Seattle, proper, has been served by only one dedicated comedy club:  Comedy Underground.

The Eastside has two...even Tacoma, suddenly, has two...but the city of Seattle only one (and a bunch of independent shows and open mics).

Until Friday night, that is...that's when Marcus Absher and Tony Daniel of Big City Comedy (both of them comedians themselves, who have, as Big City Comedy, booked shows at various casinos, including the Great American Casinos of Tukwila and Lakewood) are opening up a Friday & Saturday weekly at the theater space of the Amore Infused restaurant in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood (just North of downtown Seattle.)

The first comedian to headline the Big City Comedy Club will be Orny Adams--he of "Jerry Seinfeld Comedian" fame--with shows on Friday and Saturday, February 18th and 19th, at 7pm and 9pm each night.

Granted, a weekend doesn't a dedicated comedy club make...but by booking a recognizable name, offering two shows each night on both weekend nights, they're definitely playing at the same table.

And, certainly, the city of Seattle can support two dedicated comedy clubs...and hopefully, this means more work for Seattle comedians as features...and more stage time for Seattle comedians as hosts and guests.

Big City Comedy Club at Amore Infused is located at 522 Wall Street  Seattle, WA 98121.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 14 to February 20)

Another week with some seriously good options for comedy in the Seattle/Tacoma area--and, thanks to Valentine's Day, some of these are happening at the start of the week.  If you're checking in looking for things happening over the weekend, try not to be disappointed by what you're missing on Monday night.  (Or Wednesday, for that matter.)

And please remember that these are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.

Laugh Lovers Ball @ The Moore Theatre
Monday 2/14  6:30pm & 8:30pm shows
David Crowe is not only one of Seattle's best comedians EVER...he also curates one of the most consistently solid comedy events each year...the Laugh Lovers Ball.  Every year, it seems, he pulls together a line-up that stands up to the best that Marty Riemer's Funny Fest or Bumbershoot might have to offer.  This year's event is no different...and any show that boasts Tim Lee, Dwight Slade, David Crowe and Maria Bamford is an easy choice for the BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on this week.  (

Shame it's already over...

But, you're still in there are many other:

Kermet Apio @ Comedy Underground in Seattle
Tuesday 2/15 8:30pm
Kermet Apio is the nicest and funniest man in Seattle.  He rarely headlines the Comedy Underground, for no reason that I can think of, and is always worth seeing.  What else could you be doing on a Tuesday?  Definitely consider this a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (

Laff*Hole w/Tig Notaro @ Chop Suey in Seattle
Wednesday 2/16 9pm
Typically, the fine folks at the People's Republic of Komedy are offering glimpses into the local comedy scene with their regular Laff*Hole shows at Chop Suey...but occasionally, they bring to town and feature an inspirational national comedian.  Tig Notaro and her deadpan style is no stranger to alt-comedy fans around the world and every time she comes to Seattle is worth checking out!  A strong contender for this week's Best Bet, it is certainly a GREAT OPTION. (

Jeff Dye @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
He's from Kent, he's been a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing and he's not a bad looking fellow.  If those sort of things matter to you, by all means go and see Jeff at Parlor-Live this weekend.  However, if you're more interested in seeing one of the most promising young comedians working today, someone who has been pounding the college comedy circuit and improving all the time...someone who is destined for fame and fortune and you can say that you saw him on his way up...then, you DEFINITELY should see Jeff Dye this weekend.  Don't hold his good looks or the fact that he's from Kent against him.  Just know that he's a GREAT OPTION for this comedy this weekend.  (

Moshe Kasher (w/Andrew Sleighter) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
The Boomtime crew from San Francisco have given us three unique and strong voices in comedy.  Brent Weinbach, Alex Koll...and Moshe Kasher. Hard to describe, impossible to forget...Moshe is certainly a GREAT OPTION for this weekend.  The fact that he's joined by a comedian who once made Bellingham and Seattle his home, the very smart and funny Andrew Sleighter, makes it even better.  (

Gabriel Rutledge (w/Emmett Montgomery) @ Comedy Underground, Seattle
Thursday, Friday (two shows), Saturday (two shows)
Gabriel Rutledge is an Olympia-based comic, a former Seattle International Comedy Competition champion and one of the strongest performers in the country.  On his own, he'd be a GREAT OPTION for this week but teaming him up with Emmett Montgomery, one of the founding members of the People's Republic of Komedy and a singular presence in the national alt-comedy scene, makes this a brilliant weekend for Seattle comedy.  (

Kyle Cease @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
One of the most popular and energetic comedians in the country, Kyle Cease just happens to be from around here.  He's coming to Tacoma for the weekend, and obviously, he's a GREAT OPTION for this weekend.  He might even have a motivational message for you at the end of the show...which is a bonus, to be sure.   (   

Geoff Lott @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
Smart and angry are two things that can make for great comedy.  Having an expert's way with words can make for a great comedian.  Geoff Lott is all of these things and that makes his performing at the Comedy Underground in Tacoma a GREAT OPTION this weekend.   (

Next week, the world's bravest blogger--the man who watched Gallagher storm out of his hotel room recently--Marc Maron is coming to Laughs...and I'm sure there's other good stuff too...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Comedy Central Presents: Hari Kondabolu (2/11)

Many comedy scenes can claim Hari Kondabolu as their own--Seattle is just one of them.  Doesn't mean that we're any less proud of the fact that Hari is debuting his Comedy Central Presents special on Friday February 11th at 11pm.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 7 to February 13)

Welcome to the first of what will be a regular feature of this new SEACOM blog, a look at the stand-up comedy offerings in the Seattle/Tacoma area and offering up my opinion of what is that week's "BEST BET" and "GREAT OPTIONS" during that week.  I'll try to post this every Monday.

Note, this isn't a list of every comedy option...and, with so many shows taking place on such varying schedules, I might miss something wonderful from time to time.  Rather than cursing me and my limited perspective...feel free add your own suggestions as a comment.  Cool?

These are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.  And with no further disclaimers or ado, let's get to this week's Choices!

This is a particular solid week, as far as the dedicated comedy clubs of the Seattle-Tacoma area goes...  There's a Seattle International Comedy Competition Winner headlining one club, a San Francisco Comedy Competition Winner headlining another, a Seattle International Comedy Competition Runner-Up headlining yet another...and an easily recognizable television personality at each of the remaining two clubs.  So, you pretty much can't go wrong wherever you end up--and, yes, I realize that's a severe wimping out for yours truly right out of the gate with this new feature of the blog... 

(Hopefully I'll grow a pair for next week--and can actually give you ONE particular BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on...but, for this week, I simply can't pick just one.)

So, let's just say that you have a number of:

David Alan Grier @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
DAG is probably the most recognizable name performing at any area comedy club this weekend--having been in many movies and tv shows--the most popular being "In Living Color".  That would normally be enough for me to have made him a "Best Bet", but I've never seen him perform in person and, honestly, I tend to think of him more as a sketch comedy performer and less of a stand-up comic.  That's probably more on me, though.  He's often made me laugh with his sheer silliness...and on sheer curiosity and recognition value alone, he earns a selection as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (

Bil Dwyer (w/Dan Rosenberg) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
Certainly, Bil Dwyer is known for being a competitor on NBC's Last Comic Standing's fourth season...but I'll always remember him as one of the hosts of Battlebots!  He's a very funny man, making his return to Laughs and definitely a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (And having a seasoned pro like Dan Rosenberg as his feature doesn't hurt, either.) (

Sean Kent @ Comedy Underground, Seattle
For some people, Sean's claim to fame is that he was the first person eliminated in the first season of NBC's Last Comic Standing.  Others may remember him as the 2009 Seattle International Comedy Competition champion.  He's got a strong comedic viewpoint of the world, he's unafraid to express what's on his mind in whatever circumstances he finds himself and is a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (He's also got an excellent CD out on Uproar Entertainment called "Waiting for the Rapture".)  (

Paul Ogata @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
Paul Ogata is the 2007 San Francisco Comedy Competition champion and has been seen on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham.  He was the MC for the final night of the 2010 Seattle International Comedy Competition.  And, he's the only comedian that I know that regularly plays Hong Kong.  (There are plenty of comedians who do, Paul's just the only one that I, personally, know.)  He's brilliantly funny and I have no problem selecting this show as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (   

Billy Wayne Davis (w/Peter Greyy) @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
Let's get this out of the way first...yes, I know, I've just rated a show that I'm performing on as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  It's not's just knowing that I'm working with one of the funniest men to have ever called Seattle home...and I know that he's probably not going to be staying in the area much longer.  Billy Wayne Davis took second place to Auggie Smith in the 2010 Seattle International Comedy Competition by only a thin margin in one of the most competitive years the competition's ever seen.  He's brave, funny and dare I say it...he's cool.  You should definitely check him out while you can...he's bound for great things in the future.  And I'm lucky just to be part of it!  (...and, if you come to see this show...please come up and say "Hi!") (

Next week, some Valentine's Day shows are worth checking Tig Notaro at Laff*Hole and Jeff Dye is coming back to town. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Let's try this one more time...

There is no doubt that the stand-up comedy scene in Seattle is vibrant and worthy of paying attention to...  There are shows taking place in clubs, theaters, bars and coffee houses.  There are performers coming here from all over the world as well as growing up right in our backyard.

It deserves some attention and I've tried in the past to help give some of that attention--only to trip up on issues of design and, occasionally, overreaching.

I'm going to try to keep this simple this time.  I'm going to try to be useful.  Hopefully, I can build this into something worth paying attention to...just like the comedy scene I'll be trying to cover from the inside.

Wish us all luck...and have some patience while everything falls into place.