Monday, February 14, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 14 to February 20)

Another week with some seriously good options for comedy in the Seattle/Tacoma area--and, thanks to Valentine's Day, some of these are happening at the start of the week.  If you're checking in looking for things happening over the weekend, try not to be disappointed by what you're missing on Monday night.  (Or Wednesday, for that matter.)

And please remember that these are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.

Laugh Lovers Ball @ The Moore Theatre
Monday 2/14  6:30pm & 8:30pm shows
David Crowe is not only one of Seattle's best comedians EVER...he also curates one of the most consistently solid comedy events each year...the Laugh Lovers Ball.  Every year, it seems, he pulls together a line-up that stands up to the best that Marty Riemer's Funny Fest or Bumbershoot might have to offer.  This year's event is no different...and any show that boasts Tim Lee, Dwight Slade, David Crowe and Maria Bamford is an easy choice for the BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on this week.  (

Shame it's already over...

But, you're still in there are many other:

Kermet Apio @ Comedy Underground in Seattle
Tuesday 2/15 8:30pm
Kermet Apio is the nicest and funniest man in Seattle.  He rarely headlines the Comedy Underground, for no reason that I can think of, and is always worth seeing.  What else could you be doing on a Tuesday?  Definitely consider this a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (

Laff*Hole w/Tig Notaro @ Chop Suey in Seattle
Wednesday 2/16 9pm
Typically, the fine folks at the People's Republic of Komedy are offering glimpses into the local comedy scene with their regular Laff*Hole shows at Chop Suey...but occasionally, they bring to town and feature an inspirational national comedian.  Tig Notaro and her deadpan style is no stranger to alt-comedy fans around the world and every time she comes to Seattle is worth checking out!  A strong contender for this week's Best Bet, it is certainly a GREAT OPTION. (

Jeff Dye @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
He's from Kent, he's been a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing and he's not a bad looking fellow.  If those sort of things matter to you, by all means go and see Jeff at Parlor-Live this weekend.  However, if you're more interested in seeing one of the most promising young comedians working today, someone who has been pounding the college comedy circuit and improving all the time...someone who is destined for fame and fortune and you can say that you saw him on his way up...then, you DEFINITELY should see Jeff Dye this weekend.  Don't hold his good looks or the fact that he's from Kent against him.  Just know that he's a GREAT OPTION for this comedy this weekend.  (

Moshe Kasher (w/Andrew Sleighter) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
The Boomtime crew from San Francisco have given us three unique and strong voices in comedy.  Brent Weinbach, Alex Koll...and Moshe Kasher. Hard to describe, impossible to forget...Moshe is certainly a GREAT OPTION for this weekend.  The fact that he's joined by a comedian who once made Bellingham and Seattle his home, the very smart and funny Andrew Sleighter, makes it even better.  (

Gabriel Rutledge (w/Emmett Montgomery) @ Comedy Underground, Seattle
Thursday, Friday (two shows), Saturday (two shows)
Gabriel Rutledge is an Olympia-based comic, a former Seattle International Comedy Competition champion and one of the strongest performers in the country.  On his own, he'd be a GREAT OPTION for this week but teaming him up with Emmett Montgomery, one of the founding members of the People's Republic of Komedy and a singular presence in the national alt-comedy scene, makes this a brilliant weekend for Seattle comedy.  (

Kyle Cease @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
One of the most popular and energetic comedians in the country, Kyle Cease just happens to be from around here.  He's coming to Tacoma for the weekend, and obviously, he's a GREAT OPTION for this weekend.  He might even have a motivational message for you at the end of the show...which is a bonus, to be sure.   (   

Geoff Lott @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
Smart and angry are two things that can make for great comedy.  Having an expert's way with words can make for a great comedian.  Geoff Lott is all of these things and that makes his performing at the Comedy Underground in Tacoma a GREAT OPTION this weekend.   (

Next week, the world's bravest blogger--the man who watched Gallagher storm out of his hotel room recently--Marc Maron is coming to Laughs...and I'm sure there's other good stuff too...

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