Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Choice Comedy (week of February 7 to February 13)

Welcome to the first of what will be a regular feature of this new SEACOM blog, a look at the stand-up comedy offerings in the Seattle/Tacoma area and offering up my opinion of what is that week's "BEST BET" and "GREAT OPTIONS" during that week.  I'll try to post this every Monday.

Note, this isn't a list of every comedy option...and, with so many shows taking place on such varying schedules, I might miss something wonderful from time to time.  Rather than cursing me and my limited perspective...feel free add your own suggestions as a comment.  Cool?

These are merely my own opinions and your mileage may certainly vary.  And with no further disclaimers or ado, let's get to this week's Choices!

This is a particular solid week, as far as the dedicated comedy clubs of the Seattle-Tacoma area goes...  There's a Seattle International Comedy Competition Winner headlining one club, a San Francisco Comedy Competition Winner headlining another, a Seattle International Comedy Competition Runner-Up headlining yet another...and an easily recognizable television personality at each of the remaining two clubs.  So, you pretty much can't go wrong wherever you end up--and, yes, I realize that's a severe wimping out for yours truly right out of the gate with this new feature of the blog... 

(Hopefully I'll grow a pair for next week--and can actually give you ONE particular BEST BET of a stand-up comedy show for spending your comedy dollars on...but, for this week, I simply can't pick just one.)

So, let's just say that you have a number of:

David Alan Grier @ Parlor-Live in Bellevue
DAG is probably the most recognizable name performing at any area comedy club this weekend--having been in many movies and tv shows--the most popular being "In Living Color".  That would normally be enough for me to have made him a "Best Bet", but I've never seen him perform in person and, honestly, I tend to think of him more as a sketch comedy performer and less of a stand-up comic.  That's probably more on me, though.  He's often made me laugh with his sheer silliness...and on sheer curiosity and recognition value alone, he earns a selection as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (www.parlorlive.com)

Bil Dwyer (w/Dan Rosenberg) @ Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland
Certainly, Bil Dwyer is known for being a competitor on NBC's Last Comic Standing's fourth season...but I'll always remember him as one of the hosts of Battlebots!  He's a very funny man, making his return to Laughs and definitely a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (And having a seasoned pro like Dan Rosenberg as his feature doesn't hurt, either.) (www.laughscomedy.com)

Sean Kent @ Comedy Underground, Seattle
For some people, Sean's claim to fame is that he was the first person eliminated in the first season of NBC's Last Comic Standing.  Others may remember him as the 2009 Seattle International Comedy Competition champion.  He's got a strong comedic viewpoint of the world, he's unafraid to express what's on his mind in whatever circumstances he finds himself and is a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (He's also got an excellent CD out on Uproar Entertainment called "Waiting for the Rapture".)  (www.comedyunderground.com)

Paul Ogata @ Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma
Paul Ogata is the 2007 San Francisco Comedy Competition champion and has been seen on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham.  He was the MC for the final night of the 2010 Seattle International Comedy Competition.  And, he's the only comedian that I know that regularly plays Hong Kong.  (There are plenty of comedians who do, Paul's just the only one that I, personally, know.)  He's brilliantly funny and I have no problem selecting this show as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  (www.tacomacomedyclub.com)   

Billy Wayne Davis (w/Peter Greyy) @ Comedy Underground, Tacoma
Let's get this out of the way first...yes, I know, I've just rated a show that I'm performing on as a GREAT OPTION for this week.  It's not hubris...it's just knowing that I'm working with one of the funniest men to have ever called Seattle home...and I know that he's probably not going to be staying in the area much longer.  Billy Wayne Davis took second place to Auggie Smith in the 2010 Seattle International Comedy Competition by only a thin margin in one of the most competitive years the competition's ever seen.  He's brave, funny and dare I say it...he's cool.  You should definitely check him out while you can...he's bound for great things in the future.  And I'm lucky just to be part of it!  (...and, if you come to see this show...please come up and say "Hi!") (www.comedyunderground.com/tacoma/

Next week, some Valentine's Day shows are worth checking out...plus Tig Notaro at Laff*Hole and Jeff Dye is coming back to town. 

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